The program user interface

Calling a service

The following steps are required to call any services.
  • First, you must create a CSV file that will contain the call or calls you want to make. Please refer to CSV File for the syntax required to create a valid file.
  • Once you have a valid calls file, start the program and browse to your CSV file by clicking the browse button.
  • Select the endpoint type REST or SOAP (WCF, ASMX)
  • For SOAP endpoints:
    • Enter your endpoint address in URI format ( and select a binding type. The binding you select must be compatible with the service you wish to call.
    • Click the load button. A notepad prompt will appear to edit your binding configurations, if there's no security or additional configuration required close the notepad window and the program will load the service.
  • For REST endpoints:
    • Enter your endpoint ROOT address in URI format( The relative address corresponding to your call must be entered as the first parameter in the CSV file.
    • Click the load button
  • If the load is sucessfull, the start button will be enabled. Otherwise, a prompt will appear.
  • Under the Load Calls group, enter a number of times the service must be called or select entire (to loop through all the calls specified in your file) or unlimited (the program will keep calling until the stop button is clicked). If a call number is written or unlimited checkbox is selected, the call row in your file will be selected randomly on each call. For those you wishes to use the program to load a bulk of data, use entire call type.
  • Select the number of threads you wish. If you select 1 thread, the program will wait for a response before executing another call. If there's more than 1 thread the program will execute the number of calls equals to the number of threads in parallel before waiting for an answer.
  • You have the option to log your results or not. If the results are not logged they will not be displayed at all in the console mode.


While the calls are executing, the progessbar will show the progress status. Click the stop button if you wish to stop. Note that if you click stop and reclick the start button, the old test session will not be resumed but a new session will be started.

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