The program will log results if the Logging checkbox is selected. The log file will be created as {date}_wuload.log in the logs folder under your user profile. When the test ends or are stopped, a prompt will show the log file automatically.


A logging header like the following will be written for each test phase ran. A test phase occurs each time the start button is clicked under the same session.

12:00:00 ******* Testing started on endpoint http://address:port/Service.svc ********
12:00:00 ******* Settings *********
12:00:00 ******* CSVFile : C:\file.csv
12:00:00 ******* Call Type: Entire
12:00:00 ******* Threads: 25

For each call made, the call parameters result and response time will be logged. If an exception occurs, the calls will continue and the exception will be logged. The log file will be displayed once the test session is completed.

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